Indoor Lighting

  Light Kinetics LK-LR24 Office or Retail Ceiling Luminaire (600x600 grid compatible)
Our LED ceiling tiles are direct replacement units for traditional flush mount ceiling fluorescent lighting systems, with connection to a 240 volt 50Hz supply. This product is ideally suited to replacing fluorescent fittings in offices, schools, corridors, factory units, retail outlets, restaurants, public utilities and all areas where fluorescent tube lighting is commonly used. The LK-LR24 is dimmable as standard and offers a neutral 3500K colour temperature and very high CRI of 92 as well. 10+ Year life expectancy with NO Planned maintenance.
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  LED Downlighter Series (LK-LRX series)
Introducing the Light Kinetics LK-LR6, the first commercially available LED downlighter to replace low voltage luminaires. 10+ year life expectancy with no planned maintenance and high quality of light output (CRI-=95) with warm 2700K colour temperature. The LK-LR7, LR9 and LR10 Alpha LED series use remote phosphor technology and offer high outputs of upto 1000 lumens in a beautiful mirrored reflector finish, suitable for wall washing as well. Now available in track mounting as well.
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  Light Kinetics Series of Track Mount LED Luminaires
Introducing the Light Kinetics Journee' Series of LED luminaires, these are high-end stunningly beautiful luminaires for special applications.
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  LED Refrigeration Display Lighting (RDL)
Light Kinetics offers the GE Lumination (General Electric) range of LED Refrigeration lighting solutions. GE is the no. 1 manufacturer of RDL in the world.
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  Remote Controlled Lighting
Light Kinetics is the Distributor for Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd (RCL) is the only company in the world specialising in the design and manufacture of easy-to-use and affordable remote controlled lighting. Perfect for retail store windows, Car Showrooms and Ballrooms where the target light position changes often.
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