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Product Description

Light Kinetics is the Distributor for Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd (RCL) is the only company in the world specialising in the design and manufacture of easy-to-use and affordable remote controlled lighting.

RCL lights are used wherever there is a frequent need to change the aiming or dimming of spotlights.

A typical example is hotel ballrooms: the table layout is changed daily and for many events each table needs to be lit by a single narrow beam spotlight. The use of RCL products allows non-technical staff to aim the lighting and dim it without the use of ladders or mechanical hoists. Other applications are high-end retail, showrooms, museums and commercial galleries. For a list of current and recent RCL projects, please click here.

The direct benefits of using RCL lights are:

  • Dramatic revenue-enhancing effects can be achieved quickly, at low cost and without danger.
  • Banqueting venues that charge for pin spotting will find that the lights pay for themselves in a few months.
  • Dynamic effects can be achieved using the built-in ‘sequencing’ option which allows the user to store 10 combinations of position and dim setting. The light will then cycle through these memorised positions in a continuous sequence.