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  LK-HB1 LED Based High Bay luminaire

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Product Description

Introducing the Light Kinetics LK-HB1, the first commercially available LED based option to typical metal halide based high bay luminaires for industrial and retail applications.

Utilizing clean, safe, and long lasting LED technology. The LK-HB1's amazing patented high power LED technology offers a direct option and/or replacement for existing high bay luminaires.

Typically a high bay luminaire is placed in very high and difficult to access areas. Making replacement an expensive and laborious task.

Our LK-HB1 offes a similar light output to a 200 watt metal halide lamp and consumes only 50 Watts of power. Further it has an expected lifetime (at 12 hours daily usage) of 7 years! With zero to minimal maintenance.

A selection of 5 colour temperatures are available from daylight (6500 K) to warm white (2900 K)


  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Loading bays
  • Retail stores
  • Workshops
  • Service Centres
  • Food Service environments
  • Architectural lighting


  • No toxic mercury (Hg)
  • No toxic lead (Pb)
  • No toxic phosphor powders
  • No fragile glass
  • No "burn out" failure
  • Cold temperature compatible
  • 7 year life (typical)
  • Flicker Free
  • No light wasted on reflector
  • Typical power reduction of 50%-70%
  • Light output comparable to popular, similar sized high bay units
  • Instant on functionality – no need to warm up to get to optimum brightness


Specification/Product LK-HB1
Dimensions 1.2 Meters (T8)
Life Expectancy @ 12 Hours per Day 7 Years
Lumens 2800
Luminaire Power Consumption 60 Watts
Maximum Power Consumption 40 Watts
Ambient Temperature -30° to +60°
Available Colour Temperatures 5500 K to 6500 K