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  Light Kinetics FL Series of Flush Mount LED Luminaires
FL 3 - Tripple Multi Directional
FL 4 - Single Square Multi Directional
FL 5 - Single Directional
FL 6 - Dual Multi Directional
FL 7 - Single Round Multi Directional

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Product Description

Introducing the Light Kinetics FL Series if flush mount LED luminaires, the first commercially available high-power LED based options to traditional “Low Voltage” flush mount ceiling downlighters.

Utilizing clean, safe, and long lasting LED technology. The FL Series from Light Kinetics utilises amazing patented high power LED technology to offer a cost effective and environmentally sound solution architectural lighting requirements in homes, retail stores, hotels and reception areas.

The fixture is ideal for all day or all night use because our power-LED s can operate for 7 years (12 hour shifts) and generate minimal heat, whilst consuming 50%-70% less power than traditional low voltage downlighters, for a similar light level output.

Our light level is unmatched at around 500 Lumens and we offer a range of colour temperatures, the most popular being our cool white (500-6000 K).

We offer a range of fixed and adjustable downlighters as well as single flush mount units with 1,2,3, or 4 in a single housing.

A dimmable solution will be launched shortly by Light Kinetics.

Key Benefits

  • Longer life eliminates or reduces to almost zero traditional maintenance costs
  • High efficiency reduces electricity cost by 50%-70% over Halogen low voltage (MR16) or GU10 light sources
  • Significantly less generated heat reduces air conditioning requirements


  • Residential general lighting
  • Retail store architectural lighting
  • Retail store window/shopfront lighting
  • Office, boardroom and reception areas
  • Hotel receptions and bedrooms
  • Elevators and Lifts
  • General accent lighting
  • Restaurants and Entertainment areas
  • Art Galleries


  • No toxic mercury (Hg)
  • No toxic lead (Pb)
  • No toxic phosphor powders
  • No fragile glass
  • No "burn out" failure
  • Cold temperature compatible
  • 7 year life (typical)
  • Flicker Free
  • No light wasted on reflector
  • Typical power reduction of 50%-70%
  • Light output comparable to popular, similar sized high bay units
  • Instant on functionality – no need to warm up to get to optimum brightness


FL Series
Dimensions Various
Life Expectancy @ 12 Hours per Day 7-10 Years*
Lumens 150 to 1,500*
Equivalent to 20-50 Watt Halogen*
Luminaire Power Consumption 3 to 30 Watts*
Ambient Temperature -30°C to +40°C
Input Voltage 85-260 Volts 50-60 Hz
Available Colour Temperatures 3500 K - 6000 K
Coloured Light Choices Red, Green, Blue, Yellow*
Housing Colour White or Silver
CRI >70
Mounting Options Flush Mount, Tilt Mount
Luminaire Material Steel/aluminium
Viewing Angle 60°-80° *